J Howard Duff

Musician / Teacher / Nice Jacket Recording Artist



J. Howard Duff hails from Bluffton, SC. He is a blues, rock, & gospel vocalist and guitarist who records for Nice Jacket Records.

Originally from the NY/NJ Metro area, he has been playing professionally since the age of 13. He has played with or opened shows for the likes of Twisted Sister, Blackfoot, Chuck Berry, J Geils Band, Black Flag, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Derringer, Canned Heat, Roy Buchannan, and many more.

In the mid 80’s, his band Partners In Crime scored a top 10 punk rock EP with their release “No Big Deal”. Moving back into his blues & gospel roots since he & Dawn, his artist/vocalist wife relocated to South Carolina in the late 1990’s, he has released four projects on the Nice Jacket label, the latest being “The Blues & Back” which he sums up this way: “I was inspired to make this record after having the occasion to list all of the bands & musicians I had been associated with during my career for a new website. After re-connecting with a number of them, I was struck with the number of great songs those various bands had performed, but that had been lost in the annals of time.

So, here are those songs, along with a few tunes I have always wanted to do. This record is a tribute to those bands, musicians, the dreams that we all had, and the camaraderie that we shared. Moreover, I wanted to leave this recording as a legacy for my three kids. This is the blues, kids. It’s the music your dad has always loved to play”.