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Time Pieces

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Notes about the tracks

1: OPEN UP YOUR DOOR. 1966 by Richard & the Young Lions. They were the 1st local band (two towns over from me) that "made it big". Howie Tepp was the lead singer (R.I.P.) and Mr. Cool. The bassist, Richard Rackin came over to our band after they lost their record contract. Nationally it reached #70 on the Cash Box chart, but was a #1 record in Cleveland & Detroit.Vocal on this done by Dawn Gaye (renowned Partners In Crime Punk Rock vocalist).

2: I NEED YOU. 1965 by The Kinks. Flip side of "Set Me Free". It was an incredible mix of rock, and what was to become punk & metal, using a semi blues progression! God Save The Kinks!

3: RAIN. 1966 by The Beatles. Flip side of "Paperback Writer", but like many other Beatles songs, it charted, reaching #23 on the Billboard chart. This one is for Lee Frog.

4: FACTORY GIRL. 1968 by The Rolling Stones. From their comeback LP "Beggars Banquet". I have always loved the word picture that the lyrics paint.

5: HEART FULL OF SOUL. 1965 by The Yardbirds. The 1st single that featured Jeff Beck as lead guitarist of the group (Eric Clapton had left three months prior to this). Reached #9 in the U.S. charts on Billboard. One of the most incredible bands of the 60's.

6: DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS. 1965 by The Beau Brummels. The 4th single by this great West Coast group, it peaked at #52 on Billboard. "Folk-Rock" at it's best.

7: LITTLE GIRL (MAN). While I changed up this 1966 song from the original recording by The Syndicate of Sound, it (hopefully) maintains the same "get lost & I don't care" attitude of the original Peaked at #5 on Cash Box. Dawn Gaye sneers her way through the lead vocals.

8: DARK SIDE. 1966 by The Shadows of Knight. The flip side of the hit single "Gloria" One of the original "garage rock" bands, these guys from the Chicago suburbs were, to me, the American Rolling Stones. Just check out their 1st LP "Gloria". You won't be disappointed!

9: TIME WILL TELL. 1967 song written by Marvin Coopersmith & Phil Rubin from Union NJ. It was originally done by The Institution but, unfortunately was never released. An awesome song. (c2019; BMI)

10: UPS & DOWNS. 1967 by Paul Revere & the Raiders. One of the many hits by a band that deserves to be in the R n'R Hall of Fame. Made it to #22 on Billboard and just one of their 15 top 40 singles from 1961 thru 1971. If the clowns who run the Hall can put Abba in (yeah, now THAT'S Rock & Roll), these guys should have been there ten years ago.

11: I CAN'T LET GO. 1966 by The Hollies .Reached #42 on Billboard charts. The Hollies are probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite band of all time. If this collection makes you do nothing else, PLEASE check out the music of these guys. The guitar playing of Tony Hicks, the vocals of Allan Clarke & Graham Nash, the INCREDIBLE drumming of the great Bobby Elliot, & the rest of the band is just amazing. And, they are still, like The Stones, at it today.

12: I AIN"T GONNA EAT OUT MY HEART ANYMORE. 1965 by The Young Rascals. Long Island blue eyed soul. Played before them at The Cheetah Club in NYC. This was their 1st single, reaching #52 on the Billboard charts. For JHD devotees (all three of you), you may recognize the riff at the fade from a little known 1977 EP called "I Told You So".

13: LONELY AVENUE. This was originally done by Ray Charles in 1956, but I first heard it as a mere child of 12 in 1962 on an LP by Joey Dee & the Starliters. Loved it then & love it now. This is a live version from The Roasting Room in 2018, with my band, Red, White & Blues.

14: THE STEALER: For me, this song marked the end of the decade & the start of a new musical sound that would change what was the music of the 60's. The brashness was a bit more brash, but the innocence was gone. I guess this is reflective of our lives as we get older.
This was the follow up single to the massive hit by Free, "All Right Now". It is the one song on this project that I tried my best to mimic the style of the original. Rodgers, Kossoff (RIP), Frasier (RIP), & Kirke are hard to duplicate. I hope I have done them a modicum of justice. Peaked at #49 on the Billboard chart.


DAWN GAYE: Lead vocal on tracks 1, 7; backing vocal on track 12.

CHRIS GLICK: African drum: track 1, Percussion on tracks 4,5,7,12


Ed Switella: drums
Fred Warren: rhythm guitar
Jeff Rigg: keys
Dave Skinner: sax
Allyn Perdue: bass
J.Howard Duff: vocal & lead guitar

J. HOWARD DUFF: All lead vocals (except 1 & 7), all backing vocals (except 12), all electric, acoustic, 12 string & bass guitars, keyboards, accordion & percussion

RECORDED at JD STUDIOS, Ridgeland SC 6/19 thru 8/19 in ANALOG MONO on tape.

PRODUCED by J. Howard Duff

MASTERED by Bill Gwynne at Person to Person Media, Bluffton, SC

Copyright©2019 NICE JACKET RECORDS #009; All songs used by permission