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Teaching testimonials

Here are some testimonials from a few of my students…



I had the privilege to take guitar lessons with Howard Duff. He is extremely patient and encouraging. Whenever I struggled or had a multitude of questions he patiently worked through them with me and he praised me for even my small accomplishments. The most beneficial aspect of his teaching is Howard worked with me on my interests. He did not force me to play classics or his own personal favorites. Instead he chose songs based on my personal requests, similar artists, or songs that were in the same genre but pushed me as a player.

There were several instances that he went out of his way to find a version of a song that was in his range level. He also sized up my commitment level and the pace of my own progression and made a plan that helped me. The only thing that is better than Howard’s teaching ability is his general character. He is the kind of person that I would want influencing and spending time with people I care about. I highly endorse Howard Duff and encourage you to choose him for you or your children’s lessons.

Sincerely Andrew Cannell

After many years of idling my guitar playing, retirement offered a new window of opportunity to truly appreciate the instrument and its music. I rediscovered music and with it the long lost "folk strum" hidden for years. Then, along came a referral to meet J. Howard Duff–to wit my "folk strum" receded and my skill level advanced beyond my expectations.

Howard is a remarkable musician yet, his strength as an guitar instructor comes from his kind ways and keen interest to listen to his student's challenges before shaping a plan tailored for your musical growth and most importantly, your enjoyment.

Lessons have been foremost fun, reassuring and informative. Homework is of course challenging although Howard designs and personalizes exercises to ensure you get the most out of the experience. New techniques, clever fretboard insights and varied genres keep the musical growth and achievement on pace.

In short, Howard Duff has a gift in his music and a natural ability to thoughtfully transfer the same to his students. Howard has opened many doors for my musical growth to pass through and I am highly confident he will do the same for you!

Ray Bruen, Bluffton, SC

Howard is the best guitar teacher around! Mr. Duff doesn't teach just ‘by the book’;  he caters to each students individual talents and musical interests. He is a great teacher and I couldn't recommend him more highly. I am more than grateful to have him as a teacher…

Cole Martin

I had no guitar or other instrument experience. I wasn’t interested in music theory–I just want to be able to play something that sounds like a song.  I told Howard all this in the first lesson and little did I know I would be  playing  songs  in the first month. I gave him a list of a dozen songs that I wanted to play and he had me playing them all in the first 90 days, and it was fun!!! He taught me dozens of songs and more importantly he taught me how to play songs on my own.

He taught me many strums,  finger picks, all about capo use, key changes and the list goes on. Howard is very patient !! No matter how crazy my questions were he took the time to answer them and more often than not taught me something new in the process. If you want to have fun, and learn quickly I highly recommend Howard Duff.

Don Davis

Based strictly on guitar teaching alone, I would give Mr. Duff five stars out of five stars. Actually, I would want to give him more — like, say, ten stars out of five. He really connects with the student, teaches like a pro, and helps them achieve all of their goals. I speak from experience. Not only that, Mr. Duff will become a great friend to any student along the way.

Kayce McGuire

Howard, you are an excellent teacher. I have learned so much, especially the first year. I cannot thank you enough for pushing me to play in public. I am privileged to be your student.

C. Bluffton, SC